Quality Control Manager Wanted

Darya Inc. is in search of a Quality Control Manager. Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science plus 2 years of experience as a Nutritionist is required.  The total annual compensation is $71,781.

Key duties and responsibilities include:

The individual will assist in restaurant managers and servers on sanitation, safety procedures, menu development, budgeting, and planning to assist with the establishment, operation, and evaluation of Kitchen quality and nutrition programs. Also, will monitor restaurant servers on nutritional principles, dietary plans, diet modifications, and food selection and preparation.

In addition, individuals will assess nutritional needs, diet restrictions, and current health plans to develop and implement dietary-care plans for older clients and offer nutritional counseling menus.

Furthermore, will confer with design and equipment personnel to plan for kitchen units, and consult with clients to determine nutritional needs and diet restrictions of the patient and elder clients.

Mail resume to Darya INC., 1611 West Sunflower Ave. Unit E-59, Santa Ana, CA 92704.